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Why Choose Cabinet Bed?


Every Cabinet Bed is hand made right in our Vancouver based manufacturing facility using only the highest quality materials. Birch Plywood, CentiPUR-US mattresses, premium hardware options and much more.


Why sacrifice living space for an extra bedroom? Enjoy your space while also offering one of the most comfortable sleep solutions. Cabinet Beds are set up within 30 seconds and take less than a 1/3 of the space of a regular bed.


Cabinet Bed offers 3 mattress options. They're made with the highest quality foams which ensure you are not only getting a great sleep, but you can sleep easy knowing your CentiPUR-US certified mattress is also safe.

We have dealers all across North America

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Set up in 30 seconds!

Hand made in Vancouver, Canada

Premium birch plywood

Standard CertiPUR-US® mattresses

9 unique stains and finishes

Cabinet Bed Metro



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CabinetBed Inc.™, Your Space Saving Sleeping Solution™

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