Introducing New Antimicrobial Enhanced Coatings and Mattress

June 4, 2021 cabinetbed2016

Cabinet to Bed in 30 Seconds

CabinetBed is proud to introduce a new generation of CabinetBed, designed with your family and guest’s health and safety in mind. CabinetBed’s go from a beautiful wooden cabinet to a bed in 30 seconds or less, are free standing (no wall installation/anchoring required) and require a minimum amount of space.

NEW Anti-Microbial Coating

As of May 1st 2021 all CabinetBed’s are now made with Anti-Microbial coatings which helps kill microorganisms and stops their growth. Every surface of a CabinetBed is treated with KCI-AMA™. KCI-AMA™ is a full spectrum antimicrobial enhancement. This solution provides long term, dry film protection against a wide range of pathogens including disease causing germs and viruses*. It is non-leaching, non-toxic and is certified for use in both Canada and the United States.

NEW Aloe Vera Mattress

CabinetBed’s are also available with our new Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress that features a removable Aloe Vera cover. The fabric cools during the warm nights, and if you are cold on the contrary it warms. It features excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties. Aloe Vera has been shown in multiple studies to inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate it as well. It is also nourishing for the body especially our skin. Aloe Vera extract also acts as a natural purifier, as an anesthetic to help relieve pain, such as muscles, joints, etc.

CertiPUR-US Certified

ALL CabinetBed Mattresses are made with CertiPUR-US® Foams. These certified foams are made without mercury, and other heavy metals. They are also made without the use of formaldehyde and feature low VOC emissions meaning they don’t off gas as much as a traditional mattress. CertiPUR-US-certified foams meet standards for content, emissions and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited laboratories